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Cala Morell Menorca

Welcome To Menorca Home Page

Welcome To Our Guide To Cala Morell

The tiny secluded resort of Cala Morell is hidden away on the rugged north coast of Menorca, approximately 7km north east of the former capital of the island Ciutadella, and some 45km, or 28 miles, north west of Mahon and the International Aeropuerto de Menorca.

Making the journey into Cala Morell is for the most part usually very straightforward, however, for those visitors who chose to drive, please be aware that the final few miles from the outskirts of Ciutadella onwards, are along a series of narrow, twisting, country roads.

As with the other resorts on the island, we have put together the basic route for this journey, complete with links to maps where appropriate, and this is available from the Route Map link on the left hand frame of this page.

If for whatever reason you chose not to drive, there's always a large number of taxis available for hire outside of the airport arrivals hall.

Although in theory at least, these taxis all operate on a fixed price basis, the total cost of the journey is known to vary slightly, however, as a very rough guide the transfer to Cala Morell should cost around 65€ for a taxi carrying 4 people plus luggage.

During the summer months, a very limited bus service does also run from Ciutadella into Cala Morell on average 3 times a day.

On a number of occasions throughout the year, visitors to Menorca often ask us for details of bus timetables, however, bitter experience has shown us that the term "timetable" is sometimes too generous a term to best describe the time the buses actually run, although these are published each year on the bus stop in town, and also on the Transportes Menorca web site, however, in all cases clearly no responsibility can be accepted as to either the content or accuracy of information provided on these links.

Once you have arrived in Cala Morell, and have had the opportunity to settle into your chosen accommodation, you will very quickly discover that the resort is really just a small collection of whitewashed villas perched upon the cliffs overlooking a small cove. Not only is car hire recommended here, unless you wish to spend the next two weeks reading a book, it is considered an essential. Cala Morell doesn't just give the impression that it's a quite isolated resort, - it is exactly that.

Although the beach here is small, and quite pebbly in places, there are a number of stone platforms that are cut into the surrounding cliffs and the crystal clear waters in the cove are perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Now something that is never mentioned in the holiday brochures. At the start and end of the summer months Menorca, especially the north coast, does get very windy. If any further proof of this was needed, look at the way the trees around the resort all bend to the south. This may also explain why Menorca is effectively closed to tourists during the winter months.

The rugged northern coast of Menorca also is widely recognised by yachtsmen as being where the sea is at its roughest, and by local fishermen as where the richest fish stocks around the island are to be found.

To ensure these fish stocks survive for future generations, in June 1999 the Municipal Government of the Balearic Islands established La Reserva Marina del Norte de Menorca, (Marine Reserve of the North Coast of Menorca) and thus afforded special environmental protection to the area.

So who would find a resort that boasts one small shop, a restaurant and a bar appealing? Certainly not children or young teens, who would be hopelessly bored within 15 minutes of arriving in the village, however, middle aged couples or those in search of solitude, and a little peace and quiet may find Cala Morell to be a real hidden gem.

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