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Welcome To Menorca Home Page

Frequently Asked Questions About Menorca

Lookie Lookie Men
Unlike it's neighbours of Majorca and Ibiza, Menorca does not yet suffer from large number of street traders.

There are a number of markets throughout the island. The larger ones are held at:

Fruit and produce market held in the town of es Mercadal.
Fruit and produce market Plaza del Mercat, Ciutadella
General market Placa de sa Creu, Sant Lluis.
Fish market Mahon.
Fruit and produce market Plaza del Mercat, Ciutadella.
Fruit and produce market Placa Espanya, Ferreries.
Fruit and produce market Mahon.
Fruit and produce market Plaza del Mercat, Ciutadella
General market Placa de sa Creu, Sant Lluis.
Fruit and Produce market Plaza de la Iglesia, es Migjorn Gran.
Fish market Mahon.
Fruit and produce market Plaza del Mercat, Ciutadella.
General market Calle Comerc and Avda. Pare Huguet, Alaior.
Fish market Mahon.
Fruit and produce market Plaza del Mercat, Ciutadella.
General market Plaza de Es Born, Ciutadella.
Fruit and produce market Placa Espanya, Ferreries.
Fish market Mahon.
Fruit and produce market Plaza del Mercat, Ciutadella.
General market, Plaza de Es Born, Ciutadella.
General market Placa Espanya, Ferreries.
Fruit and produce market Mahon

The official currency of Spain is the Euro. For more information please see the "Euro" section on the previous page.

Petrol Stations
You may think it strange to add this section, but when you consider at the last count there were only 13 petrol stations on the whole island, I hope that you can then understand the reason for its inclusion. So, for the record here they are:
3 in Mahon
1 in Alaior
1 in es Mercadal
1 on the road into Fornells
1 in San Luis
1 on Mahon to San Luis road
3 in and around the Ciutadella area
and finally, 2 on the road between Mahon and Alaior

Menorca, as in every other holiday resort, does have its fair share of pickpockets. Common sense in any crowded areas hold on to any personal belongings. If you do have something stolen you must report it to the local Police within 24 hours if only for insurance purposes.

Public Toilets
There are public toilets in some shopping centres. Other than that, every restaurant and bar will have them for customers use.

The Spanish tend to eat very late compared to the British. So few restaurants tend to get very busy much before 8pm.

Obvious advice, but the sun in Menorca is very hot. Please be careful and ensure that you cover yourself in a high protection sun cream. Remember you will get very badly burnt even on a cloudy day.

In the smaller resorts taxis are not numerous, however, your hotel reception will always call one for you (sometimes for a small charge). Cabs are not always metered, so always agree the price with the driver before getting in.

Public telephones are numerous throughout all of Menorca with instructions in several languages. International calls home are cheaper between 10pm and 8am and all day on Sunday. To make a call to the UK dial 00 wait, 44 then dial your full STD number without the first 0. The minimum cost of a call is usually around 2€. International calls can be made from your hotel but may prove to be very expensive.

It is customary to tip in Menorca. Normally a tip of around 10% of the total bill is usually expected.

Tourist Information Offices
The Menorca Tourist Information Service (OIT - Oficines d'Informacio Turistica de Menorca), have offices on the island at:

Consell Insular de Menorca
Aeroport de Menorca
Telephone +34 971 157 115
Email: infomenorcaeroport@cime.es

Consell Insular de Menorca
Estacion Central de Autobuses
Avenida J.Anselmo Clave, Esquina Plaza Explanada
Telephone +34 971 363 790
Email: infomenorcamao@cime.es

Consell Insular de Menorca
Port de Mao
Moll de Llevant, 2
Telephone +34 971 355 952
Email: infomenorcaport@cime.es

Consell Insular de Menorca
Calle Major, 57
Telephone +34 971 158 430
Email: infomenorcafornells@cime.es

Consell Insular de Menorca
Placa Catedral, 5
Ciutadella de Menorca
Telephone +34 971 382 693
Email: infomenorcaciutadella@cime.es

Consell Insular de Menorca
Port de Ciutadella
Casa de la Comandancia
Ciutadella de Menorca
Telephone +34 971 380 927
Email: infomenorcaportciutadella@cime.es

Walking on Menorca
Menorca offers plenty of scope for walkers on the island with a variety of both stunning countryside and coastal walks all offering a wide range of dramatic and varied scenery. In response to a growing number of requests over the recent months we have also put together the details of a few of the more popular walks on the island, and these can be found on Walking on Menorca page of this web site.

The tap water in Menorca has a high mineral content and perhaps it will be best to buy bottled water from the supermarkets. The cost of a 5 litre bottle is around 1€ there are two types available "agua con gas" is sparkling mineral water and the more common "agua sin gas" still water. Avoid ice cubes unless you are sure it is made from bottled water, this includes ice in drinks.

The only waterparks, of any size, are in the west of the island. The first is called the Aqua Center and is situated on the road running west from Ciutadella to Cala'n Forcat and Los Delfines. However, don't expect to find anything that compares to either the Octopus Park in Tenerife or either of the Aqualands in Mallorca, it's not that big and really wouldn't be of much interest to older children. However, the park is extremely clean, and the restaurant is good value. Admission is 10€ for children and 20€ for adults and children over 11. It opens at 10:30am each day and closes at around 6pm. For more information their contact details are:
Aqua Center Water Park
Urb. Los Delfines
Ciutadella de Menorca
Telephone: +34 971 388 705
Fax: +34 971 388 807
Web Site: www.aquacenter-menorca.com

The other is the Aqua Rock water park at Cala'n Bosch. Admission is a bit pricey at 20€ per adult and 11€ for a child for a full day. One thing to look out for though, is they also charge an extra 3€ per sunbed once you are inside. Contact details are:
AquaRock Menorca
Urb. Cala en Bosc
Ciutadella de Menorca
Telephone: +34 971 387 217
Web Site: www.aquarockmenorca.com

Working in Menorca
Without a doubt the most popular question we are asked is regarding working here. So, we have created this section which should hopefully answer most of your questions.

Firstly, working in Menorca is not a paid holiday. The summer season in Menorca is very short during which the bar and restaurant owners work very long hours and will not carry passengers.

Secondly, work is becoming harder to find for everybody. If you are genuinely prepared to work hard, come out to the island early in the season on a cheap flight, pick up a local newspapers and follow every lead. If you strike lucky then good luck to you, if not, well you've had a cheap holiday.

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